Here is the podcasted sermon delivered by Pastor Michael Miano delivered February 15, 2015 at The Blue Point Bible Church, in Blue Point N.Y.

Also, below, you will find the “bulletin insert” that goes along with this sermon and these studies.




Hermanuetics –

The Narrative View –

Audience Relevance –

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

Foreign Concepts or Healthy Presuppositions?

Old Earth Theory of Genesis –

Young Earth Theory of Genesis –

Hebrew Myth Theory of Genesis –

Theistic Evolution in Genesis –

“Arbitrary Literalism” –

Modern Christians in the Genesis debate tend to be chronocentric, they get stuck in their own time period and cultural mindset. What is taken as the common sense understanding about the essential nature and geography of our planet today was hardly common sense for Christians before AD 1500”.

– Beyond Creation Science

This weeks reading is GENESIS CHAPTERS 1-2:

How do we “literally” understand and/or read Genesis?

What type of literature is Genesis?

In light of what we know about the Ancient Near East, what is the “audience relevancy” of Genesis?

What about us?

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