MINISTRY REVIEW: Beginning 2016 with 2015 in Mind

I know it is currently a trend in ‘pop-culture’ to always ‘leave the last year behind’, and now more recently it has evolved into “make no resolutions”. After all, if your not remembering the past year, why would you think of the failed opportunities and hopes of the last year. Honestly, I believe this is a recipe for disaster.

Contrary to this forsake the past mentality, as a young man who loves history and has a knack for studying out the social trends and mentalities of the ancients, I heed the call to ‘remember’ things of the past, allowing those things which are seeming ‘failures’ to challenge me to ‘higher ground’ in the new year, as well as allowing those things of success to inspire me to keep going- on mission for His glory!

To me having the ability to continually renew your mind with the Word of God, and practicing healthy ‘spiritual disciplines’ is the path to finding “life to the full” that Jesus Christ has promised (see, John 10:10). The requires knowledge of God’s Word, as well as the faith and ability to put that which you know and understand into practice. This was common to the Hebrews. I recently did a broadcast on Miano Gone Wild Radio on this concept. The following link will take you to that podcast:

I say all of that, because that is how I beginning my new year. Keeping God’s promises of daily renewed grace in mind, as I seek to put these details into practice in my life. I find a great way of doing that to be devotions through what I have come to call “Spiritual To Do Lists” which can be found in various areas of Scripture (). Also, the passage I am taking my stand upon this new year is the Apostle Paul’s words to his ‘spiritual son’ Timothy in 1 Timothy 6: . Spend time in those places. Allow His Word to be understood in the text, and then Spiritually “written on your heart”.

For the remainder of this blog, I want to detail some of the insights from 2015 year.

I am notorious for being very critical of myself and my ministry at the time of the new year. I believe that is is important to challenge myself, or maybe Biblically we could refer to it as ‘examining myself’ (See, 2 Corinthians 13:5). The following quote by Benjamin Franklin has been my inspiration the last few weeks and will surely follow me into 2016;

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man”.

I regularly speak of discipleship, as “growing in the grace and knowledge of God” (see, 2 Peter 3:18), therefore it is not a far-fetched thing to say that this is a matter of our discipleship. Looking back, examining, repenting, finding a zeal empowered by knowledge and ‘thoughtfully’ entering into the New Year.

All of that said….


Our sort of motto, or maybe said the “Pastoral Vision” for our church in 2015 was to “Make Known the Manifold Wisdom of God, in Word and in Deed”. I am still putting together thoughts for our upcoming Annual Meeting (end of January) where I share details pertaining to our “performance” as an assembly purposed to disciple the saints and evangelize those outside Christ’s sovereign grace.

One thing that stands out in review of our “church year” that I will share is the year-long sermon series we did, “Returning to Our First Love”. This “series” gave me (Pastor Michael Miano) the privilege of challenging myself and our congregation to read through the entire Bible in the year, and each Sunday I would expound on our given “Scripture List” – teaching the Bible exegetically, as a ‘narrative’. I had warned our congregation at the beginning of the year that it would be a grueling task- both in the pastoral, as well as in congregational responsibilities to “search the Scriptures” and “study to show thyself approved”.

Surely, we “walked worthy” in regard to being a church that makes known the manifold wisdom of God (cf. Ephesians 3:15), especially pertaining to knowledge of ‘Biblical Narrative’. The “in deed” aspect is something I believe we can always be growing into – both individually as well as collectively. Also, at our Semi-Annual meeting in June 2015, I shared a vision for leading a discipleship program at Blue Point called “Immersed Discipleship’, all intended to build upon a vision of The Church at Work with Purpose & Strategy which I shared at the Semi-Annual as well.

Finding the Church At Work with Purpose & Strategy will lead us into what will become the ‘Pastoral Vision’ for 2016, which builds upon last years. Now that we have a “full knowledge” of the Biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation, we can now seek to demonstrate ‘wisdom and understanding’ pertaining to that which we know. Biblically, this is understood as “bearing fruit”- or a concept I liked to call “walking worthy”. 2016 – ‘a year of walking worthy and creating a culture that bears fruit’, will shape all that I do in the pastorate and what we do as a congregation this year at Blue Point Bible Church.

Visit our webpage and LIKE our Facebook page to stay informed.


Miano Gone Wild Online Radio has been a tireless effort of mine since 2011- at times having a different name and a different strategy. However, this will continue with passion, purpose, and strategy into 2016. With our the website at WWW.MIANOGONEWILD.COM, I am excited to offer challenging, purposeful, intriguing, and knowledge-filled broadcasts and interviews.

An update I am personally excited about is ‘topical listings’ which will begin to appear on the website next week. You will be able to ‘browse’ the broadcasts by topic- leading to your strategic edification.


In keeping with a clear personal conviction regarding the ‘purpose’ and ‘strategy’ of the church at work in this generation, I launched The Power of Preterism Network (TTPN) in September 2015. This effort is a combination of the former efforts I did with ‘Reformation NOW’, ‘Christ Has Come.ORG’, and the ‘Freaked Out Movement’, as well as an effort building upon the amazing work of men and women within the ‘Preterist Worldview’. Simply put, this is a ‘missional network’ on the front lines of REFORMATION and REVIVAL aimed at bringing CLARITY. HEALING. STRATEGY., in an effort to offer ‘life to the full’ to a dead world.

Visit for more information and how YOU can GET INVOLVED!

To conclude this rather detailed blog, I want to share some of the things I believe God is going before me and our congregation to accomplish for His glory in 2016. Again to mention our vision for 2016 which is simplified as “Walking Worthy, Bearing Fruit”. As Christians…the questions to which we should be seeking to demonstrate clarity and answers, pertain to what exactly God is doing in the world today, and how are we called to either be of get involved.

In regards to seeing ‘reformation and revival’ in the Body of Christ we must come to terms with the fact that in such a diverse world, we can have differences of opinion or ideas, yet our statement before a rather confused world should be the same.

In the Apostle Paul can be trust, and I indeed believe so, then his wisdom to Timothy is of utmost importance, “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. (1 Timothy 1:5)”

From the Blue Point Bible Church you can expect:

“THE EXPERIMENT” which will be an evangelism and Sunday Evening worship service experience aimed at reaching the next generation with a true and reasonable Gospel.

In our effort to offer an environment, as well as a culture, that bears fruit we will provide ‘topical sermons’ and ‘strategic Sundays’. Each Sunday will have a ‘purpose’ and ‘strategy’, looking something like this:

Stategic Sundays –

1st Sunday – The Lord’s Table, Benevolent Offering, & Baptism

2nd Sunday – Serve Sunday, Church Luncheon, Special Music & Worship

3rd Sunday – Missionary Sunday – Worldwide Church Report, Missionary Offering

4th Sunday – Special Music & Worship, 4th Sunday Discussion Group

In regards to continually walking worthy of ‘making known the manifold wisdom of God’ (which is more than a fanciful motto, rather a Scriptural command as per Ephesians 3:15), we have an ever growing list of ways to edify the Believer.

At the ‘Annual Meeting’, I (Pastor Miano) will make available a ‘workbook’ for our past “Returning to Our First Love: Bible Series” which will be made available to Membership ‘free-of-charge’, and to attendees of Blue Point Bible Church – 50% off costs of the book.

We will offer a bi-monthly ‘Welcome Night’, which will allow for others to continual be brought into our ‘Immersed Discipleship’ program which happens every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. Not to mention, soon enough our Wednesday Night Bible Study will begin again, coupled with random events, opportunities, and groups offered by BPBC to keep you involved.

At the beginning of each month, a ‘Monthly Calendar’ will be made available, as well as on our website.

Our “sermon series” throughout the year will include but are not limited to relationships, Church history, the story of creation as revealed through the Bible, as well as a challenging series in regards to ‘Christian Conversations’. Also, a Bible plan will be issued, since J.I. Packer, a well known theologian remarked, “Every Christian worth their salt reads the entire Bible once a year”, and that will be the Legacy Bible Reading plan. See the following link for more details:

In regards to “personal ministry”, which will mark all that I do whether I am involved at BPBC, doing a broadcast on MGW Online Radio, or networking with others through the Power of Preterism Network, this will be a year of passion, commitment, dedication, and accomplishment.

As I continue to move forward, maintaining the same mantra I have had for years, “Zeal Empowered by Knowledge”, this past year has ended with me having what I see as a healthy obsession with what I am referring to as “Spiritual To Do List’s”. For example, if you want “peace” I would advise you to read Philippians 4:8-9 and find ways to “think on” those things. Or if you want to make sure you are being “effective and fruitful” in regards to your use of the “knowledge of God”, I would challenge you to diligently be adding to your life the things mentioned in 2 Peter 1:5-9

I can promise that this is not the last you have heard from me in these regards. 🙂

I am very excited to get a bit ‘topical’ in ministry this year. Last year I can say my life was “Bible, Bible, Bible, History and Commentary, and a bit more Bible”. I believe that was reflected in and through my ministry. Now it’s time to move into and toward “life together” spending more time with what is called ‘life on life discipleship’. I will be seeking to get to know other believers more, engage in conversations about life- and ultimately, “continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of God” (cf. 2 Peter 3:18). There is to much to mention here in regards to how I am seeking to bring to the forefront how when we work together through challenging, honest, and authentic conversations we truly offer an effort that can heal the nations- however stay tuned!

Last but not least, I am looking to move forward in my calling this year. Of course I desire to faithfully serve in the pastorate at BPBC until God brings me to serve more fully in another realm, however if you get to know me, you know I have energy given from above. 🙂

So this year I seek to engage in a “speaking circuit”- praying that God opens doors and opportunities for me to share the “knowledge of God” in various environments and pertaining to various topics. Also, I will be publishing my ‘Cover to Cover’ Bible Review Booklet (as mentioned above) as well as a new and exciting book, “Wicked: A Biblical Look at Life Outside the Kingdom”. Also, with the Power of Preterism Network the ideas are limitless. Providing “strategy videos” will continue, along with the push for more efforts within the Preterist movement (church planting, more conferences, etc), along with an excellent God-glorifying ‘End Times Conference’ happening in March 2016 at The Blue Point Bible Church.

May God be glorified in all that we do, for His glory alone.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Michael Miano


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