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Well….it seems that Stephen Whitsett has now forfeited debating ‘Eschatology’ on Biblical terms. During our debate on March 19th, 2016, Mr. Whitsett claimed that he demands we read the Bible in “plain language” and he accused the Preterist view of demanding everything fits within a “man-made theological system”.
I believe I explained quite well that there is a context to our Bible, an ancient Hebraic context that we must study out to better understand the details in Scripture. Who picks up any story, letter, or message without trying to understand the surrounding details? That is what we call context.
Since our debate last week, Mr. Whitsett and I have both drawn up reviews and have continued the debate on Facebook. Mr. Whitsett has continued his confused rambling – the same which was seen in our debate. Ironically, as of last evening, Mr. Whitsett has contradicted himself in demanding that in order for us to fully understand the details in the Bible we must be ‘academically astute’ rather than his “plain language” argument he has been using. I have come to realize that Mr. Whitsett is not only dishonest, he is horrible at trying to argue his case.
As I expressed in the debate, I respect Mr. Whitsett for his being willing to debate- as many and most others within the “futurist movement” simply try to pretend that these details are clear, and they just hope the ‘heretical’ Preterists will go away. However, witnessing Mr. Whitsett over the last couple days, confuse himself, confuse others, and try to cause confusion and division within Preterist – all the while writing snarky comments about Preterism has shown his true colors.
Simply put, Futurism fails. Futurism fails because all the while this was designed to be a God-glorifying event to allow both views to be examined, all the while being kind and fair to one another as Christian brethren yet….. Mr. Whitsett has now turned it into an ‘academic debate’ (which usually happens within the preterist-futurist debate simply because the futurist doesn’t want to handle the Scriptures honestly). In saying ‘academic debate’, I am speaking of arguing about who has more education and degrees. I will simply heed Proverbs 26 on this one.
All the while feigning ‘Christian love’, Mr. Whitsett’s wife removed support from a Christian ministry in India after realizing that he was involved with our conference and network. Where’s the love and unity and not dividing over these details? Hmmmm….
Mr. Whitsett has continue to jump on every Facebook conversation, even those he wasn’t tagged in, or that had anything to do with the debate, and now he writes a silly comment and blog that he is done debating with Preterists. Go ahead and read the reasons why at the following link,
Not to mention, Mr. Whitsett has been chumming up with known intellectually dishonest former preterist Sam Frost, and Whitsett’s comments are, “I am now totally convinced. I’m Shaking off the dust and moving on in a sense. They are incapable and I mean incapable of even understanding truth in any other form.” Why would we want Truth in any other form that what the Scriptures teach? (cf. 2 Timothy 2:15; 2 Timothy 3:16-17)
Saints, the reformation is before us. Let the dead bury the dead.

In Christ, Pastor Michael Miano
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