Intentionally Increased Prayer – BPBC – May 2016

We have started an “expecting miracles prayer initiative” at The Blue Point Bible Church ( for the month of May 2016.


  • Sunday exhortations & gathering of requests
  • Intentional Examination of ourselves & enhancing our prayer lives
  • The privilege to see God at work through our prayers


NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER – Thursday, May 5th

*Ask a ‘civil servant’ for a prayer request – bring it with you on the following Sunday

LONG ISLAND AWAKENING – Friday, May 13th @ 7PM/ Deer Park High School

*Come support Pastor Miano as he prayer for our region with 125 other pastors

PRAYER & PRAISE SCAVENGERS – those who will diligently seek out requests from friends & family in an effort to allow us and others to see the work of God through our community prayers.

PRAYER WARRIORS – those who will be willing and able to lift up the corporate praise and prayer list every day through the month of May.

“A man who is intimate with God is not intimidated by man” – Leonard Ravenhill

Examine Youself – In what Way Do you Need to Grow Your Prayer- Life?

Does it exist? Is it consistent? Is it bold? Are you seeing answers? Are you praying for others?

Matthew 6/ Acts 4/ Hebrews 4/


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