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#BeingCHRISTIAN “Consistency Principles” (Part 5)

It has truly been a season of “harvest” as we have gone through “Consistency Principles” at The Blue Point Bible Church in line with our sermon series, #BeingCHRISTIAN. I know that I have been edified and challenged, I am glad to have received testimony from some, even some being baptized through this season of examination and the goal of us being more “consistent” in our Christian walk. Surely, we have exercised diligence in regards to 2 Corinthians 3:15, “Examine yourselves to see whether you be in the faith; prove your own selves”.

Prayerfully, you have found time to go through Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

For the past 2 weeks we have been focusing on the “types” to which Christ is the “Antitype”, specifically the Jewish Feasts. October 2016 is littered with Jewish Feasts which point to all that Christ and His work fulfilled. You can listen to our past 2 sermons (one from me preaching on Rosh Hoshana, and another by a sister named Susan Mendelson from the Jews for Jesus preaching on the details of how Jesus fulfilled Jewish feasts at the following links:

Also, I have been doing a short video series through some of the Jewish Feasts on YouTube called “From Fasting to Feasting”. Here are the 2 parts that have been made recently:

Rosh Hoshana/ 10 Days of Awe –

Fast of Gedaliah/ Yom Kippur –

All of that noted, the “Consistency Principles” which I have outlined for us, regarding these past 2 weeks, are as followed:

  • We need to be a people marked by alertness, readiness, and prepared for a “move, or the “work” of God. Using the details of Rosh Hoshana, and the wisdom of 1 Peter 5:8, I exhorted us in these regards. Sister Susan Mendelson mentioned how we should make it our daily prayer to say, “Use me today Lord”.
    – Are you alert, ready, and prepared to be used by God for the benefit of others? What can or should you be doing to grow in this regard?
  • Using 1 Thessalonians 5, as well as 1 Chronicles 12:32 I exhorted us to be “Children of the Light” – which means to know the times, know what Jesus Christ has consummated for us, and what God wants us to do in the current moment.
    – Do you have a correct knowledge of the times? Do you know what God wants His people to be doing?
  • Ultimately, this requires Knowledge of Contextual Types and Antitypes – as expressed in Colossians 2:16-17, 1 Corinthians chapter 10, Hebrews chapters 8-10 and more. Are you “studying to show yourself approved, rightly dividing (interpreting) the word of truth”? Sister Susan Mendelson used 3 R’s – Remember, Repent, & Rejoice to highlight the significance of the Jewish feasts as “types” and what they signify for us in our spiritual walk.
    – Do you know how Christ fulfills the “types” in Scripture? Maybe, this is a good time to begin finding a study in that regard? Email me @ for help in this area.
  • And finally, thee goal of us coming to understand these details, is to have for ourselves the Naked and Unashamed reality of being in God’s presence. The “fall feasts” of Judaism when properly understood through the lens of Christ bring us to this reality. Christ’s tabernacle amongst us is a direct return to Genesis 2:25 as demonstrated through Luke 17:21 and Romans 8:1.
    – Do you know and understand the presence of God in your life and demonstrate that in a “naked and unashamed” fashion? Take a moment to pray to God and thank Him for this glorious reality consummated through Jesus Christ. Allow God’s “good” to be your “good”.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Michael Miano
Blue Point Bible Church

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Notebook Review & Resources (4/2016 – 9/2016)

If you know me, you know that I am adamant about the Spiritual and mental health that is provided through notekeeping and journaling.
As I have grown through the years, I have “catalogued” everything. I have also grown accustomed to writing a review every time I finish a notebook – for my own benefit, however many have said they found the details to be edifying. Namely, for my benefit because if you ever read my notes you know full well that they need to be decoded to make any sense, many times, even to me.


This most recent notebook was rather small. It looked important though. 🙂 And these last couple months have had some growth spurts, so I am excited to share and review myself. As I have said to some, this has been a harvesting season in my life and ministry. Glory to God!
On April 11th, I wrote in my notes that I woke up thinking about the power of the local church. I wrote, “The local church provides the “knowledge of God” to enable us to live like, worship like, and ultimately love Jesus Christ”. This is a timely encouragement and very important, as I just woke up this morning to reading through my various social networks how so many have come to reject the power of gathering with a local congregation. They spout all sorts of nonsense from “mad-made institution” to “legalism”. In this regard, I had the privilege of being the guest speaker for the April “Monthly Preterist Conference Call” and the topic I had spoken upon was “The Efficacy of the Local Church”. You can listen to that and read more, and the following link,


Early on in the year, as a sort of “divine unction” I began to get very involved in local networking, social meetings, and outreach. This afforded us at Blue Point Bible Church quite a few opportunities to serve the larger community with Brentwood “Hope Day”, hosting a Blood Drive, and being involved in local civic and chamber of commerce gatherings, as well as helping and being involved with other local nonprofits. I also learned a lot, found some inspirations and burdens, and made some friends along the way. #ThePastorLife
As I mine through my notes, I have decided I simply want to share some details and resources that edified me during what seems to be the “season” I was in for while.
Kurt Willems, an Anabaptist writer and pastor, put together an excellent examination of the difference perspectives of Pauline literature (the writings of the Apostle Paul). A great point he made in the midst of that series, which I have mentioned many times before in blogs and even sermons, was “If we don’t know the history, just the theology, we come up with all sorts of answers”. Even if I may not agree with all of his conclusions, I must say Pastor Willems did a great job on this podcast, which you can access at the following link,
It was either earlier April or even late March that I began communications with a Bible teacher named Lloyd Dale. He had emailed me and began discussion regarding some points of theology we agree and disagree on. I was blessed to read through and listen to some of his presentations , and look forward to further communication with him. One point he made in a lecture, which is timely as we currently go through a month of Jewish Feasts, is “If you do not understand what “The Promised Land” was a “type” of, then you do not know what you need to know”.
For the past 2 Sundays at The Blue Point Bible Church (, we have been highlighting how important Understanding Contextual Details in Scripture truly is in regards to “Being Christian”, and brother Llloyd Dale highlights that. You can read and listen to his messages at the following link, I personally recommend his teaching on “The Kingdom”.
In the midst of this season, I was challenged by a local pastor regarding my understanding of 2 Corinthians chapter 5:6, the infamous “absent from the body, present with the Lord” verse. I was told my understanding of this text, as referring to the “Corporate Body” of Old Covenant saints made me a “heretic” and not “Christian” (even to the extend of trying to have me removed from local pastor meetings). Anyway, this highlights an ongoing discussion and debate within the “preterist movement” regarding the Corporate Body View (CBV) held by Dr. Don K. Preston, William Bell, Larry Siegle, and many others (ie. Covenant Eschatology), and the Individual Body at Death (IBD) perspective, held to by Mr.Ed Stevens, and is more intimately connected to the common “futurist understanding” of the “glorified body”.

I love the work of all of these men, even in disagreement, and look forward to playing my part in helping bring forth clarity on this “resurrection” issue, all the while being humble and kind to one another. I know of about 3 different works currently happening to foster a better understanding of these details.

I had talked a bit about these disagreements and details as found all throughout “Church History” on MGW Online Radio a while back. You can still go back and listen to the podcasts. However, in the midst of the series I had been doing, I took a brief hiatus, and am looking to re-launch the show on October 24th with a series that will bring forth a host of clarity and healing in regards to Full Preterism. I will be bringing guests on the show (even some of the people mentioned in this blog) to discuss pertinent issues, and challenging the various “flavors of Preterism”. Look forward to that coming soon. Visit

As I come to a close with this review, I have to mention a couple last things. I have been blessed to have a co-laborer with perseverance and vision right here on Long Island. Johnny Silonski (Ova) has been a blessing and as I review my notes, I see he put forth some resources that I was blessed by. One comment he made that really stirred me, and has much to do not only with my testimony, but also with all that I labor to do is “My heart cannot rejoice in what my mind rejects”. Amen! Listen to Johnny detail that and more on the Omega Man podcast as well as his thoughts on “The Nature of the Kingdom”, at the following links:–johnny-ova-jeff-and-mike-beavers

Ironically, on August 31, 2016 I was questioning the seeming “new season” it seemed God was bringing my into. I write this now 2 months later, and through all of these resources, the blessing of an amazing congregation as BPBC, the love and concern of my fiancee, and the Spirit of God, I can testify that God surely brought me into a new season. Confirmation came through the recent book, Chase the Lion written by Pastor Mark Batterson. The book challenges you through various stories of inspiration, as well as Scriptural examples of the need for us to go after dreams and goals that are God-inspired. In his usual fashion, Pastor Batterson convicts the reader to truly examine what God wants them to do for His glory. A book that truly speaks to our time and need, if not, then for a soon coming season.
Two quotes that I was inspired by, which are pretty much carrying me into my next season, and I pray they will challenge you as well are:

“The Christian is called upon not to be like a thermometer conforming to the temperature of his society but he must be like a thermostat serving to transform the temperature of his society”.
– MLK Jr. (Transformed Nonconformist)

“We have learned: One may do much or one may do little, it is all one, provided he/ she directs his/her heart to heaven”. – Rabbi’s of Jabneh

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#BeingCHRISTIAN “Consistency Principles” (Part 4)

On Sunday, September 25th, 2015, I continued preaching through our sermon series “#BeingCHRISTIAN” and outlining “Consistency Principles”. Prayerfully, you have found time to review the other 3 outlines also found on this blog-site. You can listen to this sermon, among others, at the following link,

I had begun the sermon challenging our congregation with Psalm chapter 5:3, “In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my request before you”. I surveyed the room admonishing us to know the season we are in – what is God prompting you to grow in, chase, to be more consistent in, or to stop? With that in mind I began to highlight 2 ways I have come to see in my life as effective in helping me see God at work in my life:

1.) SPIRITUAL PROMPTINGS which I highlighted from 1 Thessalonains 5:16-24, most notably, “Despise not prophetic utterances. Do not quench the Spirit.” I challenged us to know what the Spirit is speaking within us, the best way to be in His Word (as Mark Batterson says, “The best way to hear the voice of God is through the Word of God” and to know the times. I utilized 1 Chronicles 12:32, wherein the tribe of Issachar knew the times and knew what Israel should do, and explained that the corporate Church benefits from individual Believers listening to the “promptings of the Spirit”. I also highlighted how the Apostle Paul’s wisdom the the Thessalonicians (1 Thessalonians 5:1-24) explained how Christians are called to be children of light/ clarity and to walk in clarity regarding what God has done and is doing.

Listening to the “promptings of the Spirit” will open the door for us to better understand and navigate “LIFE SEASONS” that will come out way. I brought forth 3 common frustrations in Believer’s lives:

  1. A lack of confidence regarding what God is doing in their life
  2. A weariness in doing good because is seems for naught.
  3. Failure to live in line with what God is doing.

Three verses I provided to immediately rebuke those frustrations, and to encourage us to better navigate the seasons are Philippians 1:6; Galatians 6:9; Ephesians 5:15-17.

Finally, I ended my sermon with the following admonition:

It’s only when we are listening to the “promptings of the Spirit”, in the season that we are in, that we will be confident in what God is going in and through us.

It’s only when we are listening to the “promptings of the Spirit”, in the season that we are in, that we will not become weary in doing good and reap a harvest.

It’s only when we are listening to the “promptings of the Spirit”, in the season that we are in, that we are able to exercise Biblical caution, living with wisdom, making the most of every opportunity, and ultimately understand the Lord’s will.

In Service to Him,

Pastor Michael Miano

Blue Point Bible Church


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