#BeingCHRISTIAN “Consistency Principles” (Part 4)

On Sunday, September 25th, 2015, I continued preaching through our sermon series “#BeingCHRISTIAN” and outlining “Consistency Principles”. Prayerfully, you have found time to review the other 3 outlines also found on this blog-site. You can listen to this sermon, among others, at the following link, http://www.buzzsprout.com/11630/425563-beingchristian-discipline-seasons-promptings-in-house-discipleship-part-4

I had begun the sermon challenging our congregation with Psalm chapter 5:3, “In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my request before you”. I surveyed the room admonishing us to know the season we are in – what is God prompting you to grow in, chase, to be more consistent in, or to stop? With that in mind I began to highlight 2 ways I have come to see in my life as effective in helping me see God at work in my life:

1.) SPIRITUAL PROMPTINGS which I highlighted from 1 Thessalonains 5:16-24, most notably, “Despise not prophetic utterances. Do not quench the Spirit.” I challenged us to know what the Spirit is speaking within us, the best way to be in His Word (as Mark Batterson says, “The best way to hear the voice of God is through the Word of God” and to know the times. I utilized 1 Chronicles 12:32, wherein the tribe of Issachar knew the times and knew what Israel should do, and explained that the corporate Church benefits from individual Believers listening to the “promptings of the Spirit”. I also highlighted how the Apostle Paul’s wisdom the the Thessalonicians (1 Thessalonians 5:1-24) explained how Christians are called to be children of light/ clarity and to walk in clarity regarding what God has done and is doing.

Listening to the “promptings of the Spirit” will open the door for us to better understand and navigate “LIFE SEASONS” that will come out way. I brought forth 3 common frustrations in Believer’s lives:

  1. A lack of confidence regarding what God is doing in their life
  2. A weariness in doing good because is seems for naught.
  3. Failure to live in line with what God is doing.

Three verses I provided to immediately rebuke those frustrations, and to encourage us to better navigate the seasons are Philippians 1:6; Galatians 6:9; Ephesians 5:15-17.

Finally, I ended my sermon with the following admonition:

It’s only when we are listening to the “promptings of the Spirit”, in the season that we are in, that we will be confident in what God is going in and through us.

It’s only when we are listening to the “promptings of the Spirit”, in the season that we are in, that we will not become weary in doing good and reap a harvest.

It’s only when we are listening to the “promptings of the Spirit”, in the season that we are in, that we are able to exercise Biblical caution, living with wisdom, making the most of every opportunity, and ultimately understand the Lord’s will.

In Service to Him,

Pastor Michael Miano

Blue Point Bible Church



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