Supporting Seafield in Blue Point – The Next Steps

Support seafield 2


Many of you know that I shared my perspective recently regarding recovery and support for a possible inpatient Seafield facility in Blue Point. You can read my initial thoughts at the following link,

There has been community input, discussion, and controversy lately. As their have been various news articles, social media posts, the beginning of a Blue Point Community Coalition, as well as community engagement – both for and against Seafield.
Tuesday evening, December 5th at 7PM, there will be a Blue Point Community Civic meeting held at The Blue Point Bible Church. All are encouraged to attend. While the meeting will resume with usually community concerns, the Seafield proposal will surely be brought up. Here is a Facebook link to that event,

For those who have been engaged in raising awareness regarding and fighting against the opioid epidemic this is a profound time. We have continually lamented the fractured community between the various organizations and events, and pulling together around this Seafield discussion is a great beginning to get “on the same page”.
There is a petition going around in support of Seafield, as well as a formatted letter for the town of Brookhaven. I will share the links to both of those below.
Petition –

Formatted Letter –
(*** Simply copy and edit the formatted letter with your information)

Also, this coming Saturday, December 9th there is the On Wings of Hope event at Our Lady of the Snow. This is an event is a service dedicated to loved ones lost to addiction, and hope for a brighter future. Here is a Facebook link to that event,
For any more information, please feel free to contact me through email or social media. My email is

In Service to Christ Jesus,
Pastor Michael Miano
The Blue Point Bible Church


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