Could It Be A Coincidence?!?!

Allow me to start off by saying, I don’t believe in coincidences. Rather, I affirm the sovereignty and providence of God over every moment. So, the title of this blog was to grab your attention and get you thinking, no to really ask if what I am about to put before you are a confidence or not.

Earlier this morning, I began to tune in and listen the G3 Conference happening in Atlanta, Georgia and as soon as I tuned in Dr. James White was preaching. Dr. James White and I have had interaction before which you will come to understand better by the time you are done reading this blog. This morning, Dr. James was preaching through John chapter 8, and in my estimation, he did a great job showing the force of the interaction between the religious leaders and Jesus. The religious leaders had wandered over to false teachings, teaching the commandments of men rather than the truth (see, Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:8, etc.), and because of their clinging to the truth they thought they knew (regarding their lineage back to Abraham) they could not see the Truth right in front of them. Their intellectual dishonesty blinded them. I thought it was an interesting detail that the religious leaders would assert something, they had to knowingly know to be a falsehood (v.33), as Dr. White pointed out, to further bolster what they saw as their “truth claim”. Before I begin to detail a bit where I see other’s doing that and other aspects of intellectual dishonesty running rampant today, I’d like to appreciate one last point from Dr. White’s message. Taking note of John 8:24, Dr. White pointed out the doctrinal absolute we can get from this text, namely that in order to not “die in your sins”, you must believe that Jesus Christ is and was the “I AM”, and it is this truth that “shall make you free”.

That being so, I affirm that Jesus Christ is the “I AM” that appeared to Abraham, in the glory He had with the Father before the world began. That would make me a Christian.

So, what is the coincidence talk about? How does this relate to rampant intellectual dishonesty today?

Sure enough, as I opened my TimeHop application this morning (which takes me back to my previous posts each day throughout the years), today a conversation I had 3 years ago via Twitter with James White. I had emailed, Facebooked, and tried to reach Mr. White through Twitter to engage his thoughts on eschatology (as I have charged that he ignores inconsistencies in eschatology all the while debating Muslims who profane Christian pulpits), yet he continually ignored me. So yes, being a bit frustrated with his ignoring the reaching out, I charged him with “intellectual dishonesty”. The same intellectually dishonest that was exhibited by the religious leaders as they spoke with Jesus Christ. Yes, I have and am continuing to charge Christian leaders who operate under the confused guise of inconsistent “futurist” views of eschatology as “intellectually dishonest”. In this regard at least.  Why such strong words on my part? Well let me explain…

I will readily acknowledge that Islam is an aberrant teaching that needs to be taught and defended against. Oddly enough, if his speaking this am and popping up on my TimeHop was “coincidence” enough, I have also been in the middle of a study helping encourage a friend away from Islam – so hearing Dr. White surely seemed in perfect timing (as I do indeed appreciate much of his work in that area). However, we must not ignore the fractured nature of the Body of Christ regarding the ‘end times’, and a willingness to be content with the confusion, as long as the Full Preterist doesn’t come along. All the confusion is ok, but the clarity Full Preterism brings – no, that’s heresy. And yes, many have been abused and broken in the Christian Church due to the intellectual dishonesty and ignorance that runs rampant in that regard. For maintaining the consistent view of Full (Biblical) Preterism many have been ostracized, have been told to maintain a bad conscience regarding good theology to maintain the status quo, have been removed from leadership positions, divorced, and so much more…and yet this is subtly ignored, or just lambasted as “heresy” by many in the contemporary church.

So…the good news? 2019 is going to be a year that you can expect to see more purpose, clarity, and accountability within the “Preterist Movement”. We have marked out the need to see more practical and productive teachings regarding our living out the “fulfilled eschaton” and a continued call to accountability on behalf of Christian leaders to foster honest conversations and teachings in these regards (with the same conviction and passion they had in rebuking it).

Surely, there are no coincidences.

Submitted for Christ’s glory & the Church’s edification,

Michael Miano
Pastor, Director, & Apologist
The Blue Point Bible Church
The Power of Preterism Network
MGW Apologetics


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