3.20 – Beyond Creation Science (pt. 1)

3/20 – Wednesday Night Praise, Prayer, & Bible Study
Beyond Creation Science – Intro to the Study

Tonight’s Study Goals:
– Explore methods of study through BCS book
– Read through Forward & Introduction together (keep notes on back of this paper)
– Review outline and respond to questions below
– Resources for further study through the week

Could you relate to Normas Voss’s introductory story? How so?


“The inability of Christians to grasp the meaning and message of both Genesis and Revelation create a great divide in America. Christians struggle with both the beginning and the culmination of the Scripture – the Alpha and the Omega as they might be called. Both Genesis and Revelation bring a lot of baggage with them to the American religious scene”
– How have you personally seen this as true?


“You hold in your hands a book that offers a full picture of both ends of the story the Bible tells. You hold in your hands a book that brings together the story of origins with the story of redemption and provides the most complete and comprehensive understanding that I have ever seen in my decades of study”.
– What are you hoping to gain out of this study?



“conservative Christians in America” (pg. 13) 
cf. “We believe the Bible can be understood through careful consideration, intelligent inquiry, due diligence, and effort”.

You can watch the video review of this study at the following link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnrPlXsXX-4


Further study:
Links for in- depth study of topics related to BCS & Covenant Creation

Blog – Returning To Our First Love – Presuppositions

Blog – Responding To Newsweek – Mr. Kurt Eichenwald & Biblical Illiteracy

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