Video & Outline Response to Aaron Tyler’s “Escape from Preterism” Interview

Here is a link to the YouTube video going through and explaining the below outline,


Recently, a man named Aaron Erhdman did an interview with Andrew White on “Open The Doors Radio” wherein he detailed his “escape from Preterism”. What I would like to do in this critique of that interview is offer some perspective and insights that will demonstrate the blatant nonsense spewed by both Aaron and the interview host.

At the beginning of the interview, Aaron goes on to define Preterism as “the idea that Jesus’s 2nd coming happened in AD 70, as did the fulfillment of the new heavens and new earth was set up, and the resurrection”. This statement is right, however Aaron clearly does not realize that within Church History many scholars have admitted portions of that statement, either the coming, the new heavens and new earth, or the resurrection as prophesied by the prophets HAS indeed happened.  Here are some links you can review to see evidence of this;


Aaron, as many who critique Full Preterism often try to do, goes about asserting the Church Fathers as if they are a united front in regards to many areas of theology, especially eschatology. This is patently false. Consider the following statements that prove this. Also, none of these people were FP’s therefore were not trying to provide support for my position, yet there statements further make my case.

“I am shocked at the number of people who want to fashion their theology around the Church Fathers. One can find in their confusing writings the full spectrum of views from baptismal regeneration, infant baptism, and other heretical teachings. The Church Fathers do not determine doctrine! A sound study of the Word of God determines our doctrine”. – Mal Couch, Founder & 1st President of Tyndale Theological Seminary

“Most of what the Church Fathers wrote remains untranslated—218 Latin and 166 Greek volumes—therefore, we cannot be dogmatic in asserting what the early Church Fathers believed.” – Gary DeMar

“Vespasian vanquished the Jews in the first year of his reign, bringing the number of years to a total of fiftytwo, plus six months. For he ruled for eleven years, and so by the date of his storming Jerusalem, the Jews had completed the seventy weeks foretold by Daniel.” – Tertullian, 3rd century church father

“The Irish Book of Questions on the Gospels, interpreted Christ’s coming in the clouds in Matthew 24:30 as “in the armies of the Romans.” It then interpreted the angels in verse 31 as avenging angels “who are present in the Romans.” On the parable of the fig tree, the Book of Questions reads, Learn the parable from the fig tree, which is told about the Roman captivity. The parable contains these things. The fig tree was full of leaves but had little fruit. So also were the Jews in that glorious time, but few of them were elect. On them summer came, that is, fire burning their city.” – Gary DeMar

“And the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world, and then the end shall come (Matthew 24:14). The Gospel, then, in a short time was preached in the whole world [Col. 1:6, 23], for a witness to the heathen, and Barbarians and Greeks alike possessed the writings about Jesus in their ancestral script and language” – Eusebius, 4th century church father

“I need now only say, all these things have been done : the old and elementary system passed away with a great noise : all these predicted empires have actually fallen, and the new kingdom, the new heaven and earth, the new Jerusalem — all of which were to descend from God, to be formed by His power, have been realized on earth.” Eusebius (c. 265 – 340), Bishop of Caesarea and “Father of Church History”


Building a “strawman”, of false characture of something, is often a method used when someone wants to go about dishonestly attacking another view or perspective. Aaron has sought to build up this image of him being a FP and then escaping. He asserted, “Preterist’s don’t believe in Spiritual warfare”. That’s strange – most FP including myself would surely say we do. 2 Corinthians 10 gives us the foundation of our warfare. I have preached on this. It surely doesn’t seem that Aaron ever came to fully understand Full Preterism, nor did he “escape”. The whole nonsense story, which I am sure grabbed the hearts and minds of some, is complete nonense. It would seem that Aaron battles with depression on his own terms, and rather than Spiritual leaders helping him do so, many are content to foster his confusion for there benefit (like making mocking interview radio programs). Aaron says Full Preterism leads to “
no hope”, which is a complete failure to understand how Hebrew Spirituality works – namely how individual future hopes are built upon passed fulfilled hopes. Proverbs 13:12 expresses this beautifully; “Delayed hope makes the heart sick, but fulfilled desire is a tree of life”


I’d like to touch a bit on the strange dishonesty and nastiness of character revealed by Andy White. He specifically said he doesn’t interact with Preterists because it’s silly to do so, he said – “Just a simple perusal through Scripture” and his mocking “Is water wet?”. So the many who have come to understand Full Preterism are just fools that can’t read? Thank God these guys show up with such clarity, because the church does seem rather divided on this and history seems to favor confusion on eschatological matters rather than how simply “is water wet” might sound. Andy asserts he believes  in the “Judeo-Christian hope of the resurrection”, which I would say I do, and his view is lacking, but notice also how he uses the obscure, a text often cited by scholars to be problematic and difficult to properly translate, to bolster his view –  Job 19. Andy is seems you are intentionally dumbing yourself, and attempting to do so to others, is favor of your view.

I had come across a video teaching of Andy’s, or Andrew White on Facebook, back in April 2018. After listening to his program I wrote this comment to him, and of course, never received a response (at least he is consistent with his not interacting with Preterists (which is also clear from his confusion regarding what Preterists believe- yet he knows its wrong, lol – please laugh with me). Anyway, here is what I had written to him:

Firstly, I’d like to commend and appreciate your passion my brother. I enjoyed your points about fighting for the truth and surely share sentiments about how many have “divorced from the truth”, sadly many within Christendom.

You spoke a bit about “authentic Biblical preaching” and the willingness to be offensive for the sake of His truth. That is another thing I can surely agree with you upon. I am looking to start a group soon enough to gather pastors who actually want to talk about doctrine (despite the many differences we may have). There really is such a need.

That brings me to my next point. You cited 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and Revelation 2:4 in a manner that seemed you believe we are in those days. I refer you back to your point about “authentic Biblical preaching”. Are you aware of the proper interpretation of Scripture and the use of “audience relevance”. How can we argue we are still in the times the 1st century Thessalonian church was in, or the 7 churches of Asia Minor in revelation. This “Futurism Gone Wild” has obscured the Truth in many areas and needs to be dealt with. I have labored in that regard for years.

I’m hoping you might consider this and maybe we can grab a coffee sometime and talk through more Biblical doctrine.”

Of course he wouldn’t repond. SMH

Back to Aaron who has supposedly written up a “list of reasons” why Preterism is not Christianity and is “absolutely a cult”. Well thank God for Aaron coming on the scene, huh? (Prayerfully you can understand my sarcasm and rather lament this young man’s arrogance with me). He goes on to say there is no history of FP before 1970, and makes remarks that one can find people have leveled against Full Preterism for years. Again, I believe I have made the point about the lack of a clear and consistent eschatology in Church History, so further reforms no matter when they show up in Church History should be examined by Scripture, not argued by way of councils, creeds, quotes, and confession. Do we not remember the words of the beloved 15th century reformer, Martin Luther?

“Since your most serene majesty and your lordships require of me a simple, clear and direct answer, I will give one, and it is this: Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Scriptures and by clear reason (for I do not trust in the pope or councils alone, since it is well known that they have often erred and contradicted themselves), I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted. My conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not retract anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen.”

Aaron also states that the Full Preterist view has “not one true scholar” and then falsifies his own point by stating Sam Frost as the scholar. Was this Aaron’s ignorant attempt to discredit and attack the Full Preterist movement and asserting there are none with accredited degrees that hold to and/or teach the view? That would be strange, and would not only show Aaron’s lack of information on the many that hold to the view and would reveal, which should already be evident, that Aaron’s knowledge on Full Preterism, the movement, the teachers is rudimentary at best, otherwise completely misinformed. What does all of this matter, I have no idea, just used to bolster to his attack on and again a misinformed “knowledge” of honorary degrees. As many have said after watching the video, “a young man trying to make a name for himself by attacking others”.


The little bit of Scripture that was brought up on the show was Aaron’s assertions on “bodily resurrection”. It’s clear that Aaron’s dogmatic assertions are not his own, as his lack of study in this regard is evident, as it would seem he just borrows different details from Scripture and theology to bolster his points without actual study. For example, and I will provide some links below, there have been various disagreements in the Church Fathers and the Christian Church (even within the Full Preterist community) regarding the resurrection of the dead – not this false unified front. Also, the fact that many within Church History saw it as necessary to write up teachings on it in great length, I think of Athenagorus of Athens, demonstrates that there were various understandings and needs for clarity (which unfortunately many time came from theological distinctions and nuances of the writer).
Arguments over “resurrection of the flesh”, “resurrection of the body”, etc. are found all throughout the history of the Church.

Yet Aaron goes about citing his “clarity” on this topic and using passages such as 1 Corinthians chapter 15 and Romans 7-8. Interestingly enough, I have many teachings on these passages, among other Full Preterist teachers, and once we prove our case, we are usually just buffeted with creeds and conffessions from Church History, not honest, simple, and natural reading of the text. Aaron states that the confusion regarding the“Body of death”  is found in Romans 8. “Romans 8 solves Romans 7”.

Let’s look at the text.  This first century letter to the Church at Rome.

Study Resources:
Aaron goes on to cite ridiculous “implications”, that are only true according to his paradigm:
– if resurrection is in the past, no place for us (allusions to IO)
– In a futurist and individual ways asserts that God will redeem His creation; “mortal body”
– cites passages such as Daniel 12; Acts 24 – all over the place, lol
– tries to correlate FP with Sadducees; Preterists deny the “power of God”
– Go on to demonstrate confusion with his host regarding – “Philetus and Hymenaus”; “What was Paul saying” – Matthew 27?> lol
– Brings in divergent doctrines such as Hell; Covenant Creation; “In Adam”
– Ignorantly asserts FP’s believe that sin and death have been there since the beginning (many views not just FP have seem and demonstrated this)

Aaron’s arrogance (and his host’s as well) continues as he moves into the following points:

FP’s are not in touch with reality; “What reality are they living in”
– “If this present world is the fulfillment, we were sold a bill of goods”. The world is getting “worse and worse”, “more and more evil”. – Andy White

Even attached Biblical teachers such as Gary Demar and Kenneth Gentry “partial preterists”
– We are NOT in the age to come – oh ok Aaron. lol
– 43 minutes in, they talk about the “ages” – they clearly looked confused; “Lack of Logicness”


“I haven’t found a view that is perfect”
Andy White says, “When it comes to eschatology we have to remain open”; Daniel didn’t understand; Aaron piggybacks that with “There is a lot we do not know”. ; “We can not allow difference of opinion on basic things such as the resurrection” – Andy White

“My question for them is, what changed in AD 70”. – Aaron Erhdman

Well let’s see. Voices from scholars and church history regarding what happened and thus changed in AD 70.

“No matter what view of eschatology we embrace, we must take seriously the redemptive-historical importance of Jerusalem’s destruction in A.D.70.” (R.C. Sproul, Last Days According to Jesus, 26)

Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophet: “I will take away from them the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the scent of myrrh, and the light of a lamp, and the whole land shall be destroyed” [Jer. 25:10]. For the whole service of the law has been abolished from them, and henceforth and forever they remain without a feast.” (St. Athanasius, Letters [vi]

“It is, in fact, a sign and notable proof of the coming of the Word that Jerusalem no longer stands” – Athanasius

“For I will ask them, Did He send the prophets and wise men? Did they slay them in their synagogue? Was their house left desolate? Did all the vengeance come upon that generation? It is quite plain that it was so, and no man gainsays it.” (Homily LXXIV) – Chrystrom

“When, then, we see what was of old foretold for the nations fulfilled in our own day, and when the lamentation and wailing that was predicted for the Jews, and the burning of the Temple and its utter desolation, can also be seen even now to have occurred according to the prediction, surely we must also agree that the King who was prophesied, the Christ of God, has come, since the signs of His coming have been shewn in each instance I have treated to have been clearly fulfilled.” (Demonstratio Evangelica (Proof of the Gospel) ;  BOOK VIII) – Eusbius

“If any one compares the words of our Saviour with the other accounts of the historian (Josephus) concerning the whole war, how can one fail to wonder, and to admit that the foreknowledge and the prophecy of our Saviour were truly divine and marvelously strange.” (Book III, Ch. VII) – Eusebius

“Since, then, the law originated with Moses, it terminated with John as a necessary consequence. Christ had come to fulfil it: wherefore “the law and the prophets were” with them “until John.”(2) And therefore Jerusalem, taking its commencement from David,(3) and fulfilling its own times, must have an end of legislation(4) when the new covenant was revealed.” – Irenaus

Origen (2nd Century)

“I challenge anyone to prove my statement untrue if I say that the entire Jewish nation was destroyed less than one whole generation later on account of these sufferings which they inflicted on Jesus. For it was, I believe, forty-two years from the time when they crucified Jesus to the destruction of Jerusalem.” (Contra Celsum, 198-199) – Origen

“It is no exaggeration to say that the Fall of Jerusalem is the most significant national event in the history of the world.” (B.F. Dunelm, The Arch of Titus and the spoils of the temple (1896))


To bring all of this to a conclusion and thus urge your further study, I will make a few last remarks. Aaron has not led anyone out of Full Preterism. So his posturing himself as such is DISHONEST. Aaron seemingly expresses agreement with Andy White in everything, yet one wonders is that the cause. Are they really so CONFUSED as to divide Matthew 24:3 into 3 questions, therefore making it inconsistent with the correlating texts found in Mark 13 and Luke 21?

Consider the beneficial sermon by Pastor David Curtis of Berean Bible Church.

All the mocking, strange giggling and patting each other their backs, and making foolish assertions simply reveals these men’s IMMATURITY in the Word and in character. May we desire to move away from dishonest, confused, and immature perspectives and desire to express diligence in study as 2 Timothy 2:15 urges us.

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.”


Here are some other links I came across studying for this presentation that may be beneficial to your study on these matters:









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