4.10 – Beyond Creation Science (PT. 3)

Here is a link to the video review for our study through Chapter 2 of Beyond Creation Science, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgFq50bZklo&feature=youtu.be

4/10 – Wednesday Night Praise, Prayer, & Bible Study
Beyond Creation Science – Chapter 2

– Praise & Prayer
– Discussion regarding reading through Chapters 2
– Outline Discussion
– Conclusion
– Closing Prayer

Chapter 2 – Time Is Running Out

The Proper Frame of Reference

The Disciples Followed The Master

Initial Expectation


Near-ing Expectation


Near-er Expectation


Near-est Expectation


Revelation: John’s Olivet Discourse





Chapter 3 – When Did This Happen?

Coming On The Clouds


The Right Question


What We Should Expect


Setting The Scene


There Shall be False Prophets


Increase of Lawlessness & Decadence


There Shall Be Wars & Rumors of Wars


Famines & Earthquakes


Persecution & Death


The Abomination of Desolation


If Those Days Had Not Been Cut Short


The Flood, Sodom, and Jerusalem


Signs & Wonders

The Destruction of Jerusalem



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