3/26 – Beyond Creation Science (Pt. 9)

Here is the link to the accompanying YouTube video for this lesson, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnS4YC8dw-Y&t=5s

Below you will find chapter outlines and links mentioned in the video.



Beyond Creation Science
Chapter 13 – The Great Creation Debate

The Early Date for the Writing of Genesis

The Nature of Biblical Language


Agreement of “Literalists” and Evolutionists


Church History & the Days of Creation


A Biblical Reading of the Days of Genesis 1


Evening & Morning


The “Literal” Conundrum in Genesis 1


The Creation Week and the Sabbath


Genesis 1 vs. Genesis 2, Literally


Day 6 – The First Long Day?


“Generations” & “This Generation”



Beyond Creation Science
Chapter 14 – Covenant Creation


Covenant: Genesis to Revelation
The Scientific Literal Approach to Genesis


Scientific Literalism: Beginning to End

The Biblical Literal Approach to Genesis


Creation & Prophecy
The Apocalyptic Nature of Creation


Apocalyptic Past


The Apocalyptic Focus


Preliminary Objections


Does Apocalyptic Exclude Historical Events


Must Apocalyptic Define All of Genesis?


Beyond Creation Science
Questions for Personal Study of Chapter 14

How would you explain “What Genesis does, Revelation undoes”?


How would you explain the difference between “the scientific literal approach” and the Biblical literal approach” to Genesis?


What type of literature do we find in Genesis and how do we discern that?


When it comes to Bible prophecy, “The central issue is ____________________________, not science. (Please fill in the blank (two words)



Also, here are two links I mentioned in the video (1st one – Ancestral Story of the Image of God & 2nd one – The Ancient Near East Context of Genesis): 





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