About Michael Miano

MEBy the grace of God and his due diligence, Michael Miano has been involved in a multitude of ministry efforts in regards to the mission of the Church & Church reform since 2007. Putting his “hand to the plow”, Pastor Miano has served as associate pastor (Tribe of Dan Ministry), Connection Group Leader (Next Level Church), Evangelist and Director of the Freaked Out Movement, Church Planter (The Fellowship C.H.U.R.C.H.), and short-term Missionary Delegate for the Christian Peacemaker Teams in Palestine/ Israel, and began serving as Pastor of Blue Point Bible Church in April 2013.

Pastor Michael Miano is passionate about reform within the Christian Church, and he continually pushes for studies in regards to Covenant Creationism, Full Preterism, and true Biblical application in Believer’s lives (Narrative Theology). Pastor Miano has debated in numerous discussions/ debates about both hell from the Annihilationist view, and eschatology from the Full Preterist view;

Defiance Conference in 2012 – Living in the End Times?

Preterist debate with Sam Frost in January 2013,

“Hell Debate” with Bishop Erskine Williams in October 2013, 

The Second Coming of Christ: Past or Future with Pastor Bruce Bennett 

In his first book, ‘Freaked Out by the New Covenant’ which was published in 2012, Michael Miano shares his “coming to his senses” and moving away from a formless and void life characterized by gang violence, death, and despair. In July 2017, Michael Miano published his second book, ‘Wicked’, detailing ANE understandings and the conceptual realities that were fostered by the Hebraic people regarding wickedness. And later in 2017, he published a listening/ study-guide for the Book of Revelation called ‘Clarity in Revelation’. You can purchase those books at the following link, https://mianogonewild.wordpress.com/mgw-resources/

Michael Miano also serves as Director of The Power of Preterism Network (TPPN) which brainstorms and organizes a variety of ideas and ways to bring the truth and the power behind preterism into the Church (including but not limited to ministry models for networking, annual conferences, and online broadcasts and videos. (www.powerofpreterism.com). Also, MGW Apologetics & Ministry is a personal ministry offered in an effort to foster “zeal empowered by knowledge”, which is widely needed in the Body of Christ. 

You can contact Pastor Michael Miano by calling the The Blue Point Bible Church at 631-363-6111 or by emailing him at ChristianityGoneWild@Yahoo.Com (and/or finding him on other social media platforms)