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Ensuring “Completeness” in 2O14 – RESOLUTIONS

  Each year, except for last year, I try to publicly proclaim my “resolutions” in an effort to “be accountable”. I have found this to be a fruitful exercise which has enabled to me since 2OO6 to accomplish much: wrote a book, began an internet radio program, developed a personal ministry {The Freaked Out Movement}, developed and enhanced my personal understanding of Scripture, and ultimately began my pastorate at Blue Point Bible Church (planting and working in other pastoral positions along the way). 

  So as I prayerfully enter 2O14, I want to share some of my thoughts and goals pertaining to the year. As many of you may already know, I have developed a sort of “motto” for the year – “Beginning with the end, the the ends of the earth”. Basically, as I have come to understand “covenant eschatology” and what the “good news of Jesus” truly is, I have the desire to help others “see” and “hear” it as well. “The Power of Preterism” conference happening at The Blue Point Bible Church ( is dedicated to the very purpose. In light of what has been accomplished in and through Jesus Christ (i.e., the New Covenant) let us therefore understand how we shall live. Matter of fact, this morning in my devotionals (there is a resolution beginning strongly right there), I detailed this a bit:

 “If through one man’s life there is little more love and kindness, a little more light and truth in the world, then he will not have lived in vain”. – Alfred Delp

    Read 1 John 4:7-1O; 1 John 5:14-21

 Imagine if we truly begin to live as “the people of God” and allow LOVE to be the defining factor of all that we do. 

 So it’s with that in mind that I begin detailing my “resolutions”.

  RESOLUTION ONE- BECOME MORE DEVOTIONAL IN AM AND EVENING READINGS AS WELL AS PRAYER (which in turn should help focus on living a complete and satisfying New Covenant life – “life to the full”. 

 Upfront I must admit, I like to detail “bucket list accomplishments” at the beginning of the year and add new ones to the list, but herein is the issue- one of my “resolutions” is to organize my paperwork (have not quite gotten back into the “swing of things” since my move to New York), so on this blog I will not be able to detail the “bucket list” info. 


   I am looking to grow into my “pastorate” this year and truly lead with purpose and conviction and therefore have set some goals in doing so. 


            1. Get comfortable with my office and begin having meetings there (coffee, juice, soda, etc.. all on hand)   2. Organize rooms and paperwork in each room (make use of the file cabinets!!!)  2. Create a membership file book to be able to know more, help them grow more, and keep in touch better (Thank’s Robin for the awesome idea!)  3. Start utilizing “days before” to get ready for Sunday and clean church often   4. Develop a “new comers packet” 5. Launch *new* website  6. Programs such as Alpha, an open class at the college of high school, “Generations” Youth Program etc.  6. Prison Ministry?!?!  7. Organize and develop our “Prayer Room”  8. Hospital Chaplain or at least ministry for 6 months (develop a schedule)  8. In light of LI’s NBT, connect with other pastors and ministries

  As far as personal ministry goes, I am looking to develop a more “missional evangelism” and life in light of AD 7o for the Freaked Out Movement ( I currently have some ideas for marketing and maintaining the lifestyle of a “Jesus Freak” and will be developing and sharing them more as the year goes on. Also, keep an eye out for “The Freaked Out Book Club” as an incentive program for people of all ages to keep on reading! Miano Gone Wild Radio Program hasn’t been as organized as I would have liked this year so I will be looking to organize it- obviously bringing brother Derek Lambert onboard with “Truth Be Told” has been a blessing as well. Look for more to come…


  As far as some learning exercises for the year, I have some good ones. I want to begin journalizing the Scriptures– which basically means handwriting the Scriptures into notebooks. This is great for reading comprehension and memorization. I have to thank Jen Fishburne for bringing this awesome idea to my attention- what she calls the “King’s Assignment”. In Deuteronomy 17:15-2O we read:

    “…you shall surely set a king over you whom the Lord your God chooses, one from among your countrymen you shall set as king over yourselves…..Now it shall come about when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, he shall write for himself a copy of this law on a scroll in the presence of the levitical priests. It shall be with him and he shall read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the Lord his God, by carefully observing all the words of this law and these statutes, that his heart may not be lifted up above his countrymen and that he may not turn aside from the commandment, to the right or to the left, so that he and his sons may continue long in his kingdom in the midst of Israel (Paraphrased a bit)”. 

  So, I will begin this effort in February. Please let me know if you decide you might want to do this effort. There is a website dedicated to helping with this effort if you choose to order the books through them to use (I am fine with a regular bunch of notebooks).


 Also, I am looking to complete classes and so forth over at Fulfilled Covenant Christian Leaders Institute and help Allyn Morton develop the idea for the school a bit more. To be upfront and honest, I am aiming to ask Allyn if I may take a position of authority with the school and develop a full and complete curriculum to train and ordain pastors.        


   Also, looking to revise and republish my book- Freaked Out by the New Covenant


 and last but not least, as far as personal study and development I am looking to get through the writings of Josephus, go through Jewish writings such as Mishnah, Talmud, etc.. available at  , and surely learn and teach more pertaining to “hell”. Maybe, I will see you at the Rethinking Hell Conference in Houston, Texas in July.


 Well, I am sure I will develop more “resolutions” within the year, but I believe this is a good and busy start. Hopefully I have inspired you to begin a list of your own. If you hold me accountable I will surely hold you accountable as well. 

  Blessings in Christ, 

     Pastor Michael Miano

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Leaving 13’ and enter 2014 (Year of Completeness)

 Wheww…what a year. Well, it’s time to catalogue the year. I cannot begin to tell you how I looked forward to ending the year and actually sitting down to write this blog and get some clarity concerning 2013 and move forward into 2014. So here I sit, a glass of Merlot in hand…. 

 As I just say here reviewing my years past resolution blogs, I realized something pretty darn interesting. The beginning of 2013 was a busy year complete with getting married, preparing for my debate with Sam Frost, and contemplating a serious move- to pastor the Blue Point Bible Church. With all of that going on…I failed to write a blog to catalogue the year. Yikes! That might just explain some things…Can we sense God’s providence in that? 

So yes indeed, I will make sure to write these blogs yearly and again so glad I am sitting here writing now. So let’s get into it.

 My debate with Sam Frost was interesting in the least. Sam seemed not to have much clarity on his newfound position in reverting back to ‘futurism’ and therefore it felt like I had to try and chase him in ‘theological circles’. You can watch the debate for yourself by following the following link:


 That was exciting though. Following the link below you can read my direct response post-conference:

   So, after the conference I was invited to speak at The Blue Point Bible Church to see if I might be a good fit as pastor for the congregation there. I’ll tell you…it was such a blessing to visit and meet like-minded believers who adhere to the proper doctrine of Full Preterism. Those of you who have dealt with the naysayers of Full Preterism or have followed me in my journey since my transition to “fulfillment” would know how much of a paradigm shift it was to be around Believers who didn’t have security escort me off the property when I dared to mention a Bible verse. 

  If this doesn’t seem like a busy year {and we are only at the beginning of February 2013}, sure enough Quanti and I were planning a wedding for the end of February. Indeed, all the stress, love, giddy feelings, and so forth found its completion on February 24th. Surely, this was a blessed day, as Quanti and I shared our prayerful thoughts and concerns to love one another through sickness and health. 

   March was filled with excitement as it was honeymoon time, Mike and Q’s birthdays, and sure enough the Blue Point Bible Church voted me in as pastor. The plans to move began and sure enough in April we arrived. 

    Can you feel the pressure yet? Only four months into the new year and a lot is sure happening. I am known for being pretty intense- always busy, always on the move, always focused on millions of things at once…but I think it is safe to admit at this point, maybe this will come as a surprise- I am still human. There were some strains happening all at once- my spiritual life, my marital life, and my sanity- but I felt called by God and was surely not going to displease Him and not walk worthy of my calling. 

  The loving and amazingly honest and truth-seeking congregation at Blue Point Bible Church put me, and has continued to keep me, in awe. God was and is doing an amazing work right in front of my eyes. So…I got right to work. I was a man with a plan. 

 Sadly, as many of you know…Quanti and I did not maintain all that led us to become married. We had issues, I’m sure we are not alone, and through discussion, prayer, and honest discernment it was realized this marriage would not work. There were and are some irreconcilable differences. To be forthright, from July 13’ onward- this has causes me pain, confusion, and many other mixed emotions regarding my calling, my God, my personality and willingness to commit, and many other personal details. So let’s be clear…this morning when I logged online and read a blog detailing “The Full Preterist Movement” and the following mention of me was made- I was seriously ticked off yet remained ‘optimistic’ and focused regarding all that I know God is doing and will do.

 “Miano was promising but after his relationship issues I’m not certain we can consider he will be very effective. What does that have to do with anything you ask? Well, in most mainline Christian denominations, a divorced pastor would be forced to resign. (see 1 Tim 3:5)  I’m not trying to be mean or rude to Miano, I actually like the guy and think he tries to be sincere but he may need some time to regroup”.  

  You can read the entire blog here:


   While I appreciate Roderick Edward’s nice words, I do believe he spoke out of order. I pastor a ‘congregational vote’ church wherein the congregation leads major moves and decisions by vote, so there is no “big shot” like many “mainline denominations”. It was a decent attempt, but all the more an attempt to attack Preterism. Go ahead and read his entire blog site. Regarding the mention of 1 Timothy 3:5:

      “He must be one who manages his own household well, keeping his children under control with all dignity 5(but if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the church of God?)..”. 

  As if Roderick knows anything about the matter?!?! I most definitely agree with the charge in 1 Timothy and believe it is important to notice how a man is leading his life, his family, and so forth as qualification to lead the congregation. Well…come on down to Blue Point Bible Church, or ask around, and find out how Pastor Michael Miano “takes care of the church of God” and how I live a life emitting the glory of Christ {with my imperfections and all}. 

 I hope I have given you all some clarity in those matters, quite possibly more than is required. I have sought God in prayer, have honestly critiqued myself, offered myself to other men of God for evaluation, “counseling” and guidance, and sought to serve the congregation I lead with all that I have. ‘Judge a tree by the fruit it bears’. 

 In October I had the privilege of debating Bishop Erskine Williams regarding the topic of “Hell” as I presented the viewpoint of ‘Annihilationism’ at the Sound of Heaven Church in Deer Park, New York. Hopefully, that debate will be online in the very near future. 

 I have had the privilege Sunday after Sunday to preach before as I mentioned before a “truth-seeking” congregation, and we have had some interesting series- I encourage you to check them out by going to the following link:


  Now… here’s some exciting news. Truth will continue and unlike the blog I posted above by the naysayer, Roderick Edwards, concerning the forward movement of Full Preterism, I have some Truth and excitement to share. 

  On January 24-26th, 2014, “The Power of Preterism” conference will be held at The Blue Point Bible Church. We speakers such as Dr. Don K. Preston, Jerry Bowers Jr., Joe Daniels, Apostle Johnny Ova, Derek Lambert, Pastor Steven Schilling, and more coming with messages to encourage and excite those of us who adhere to Biblical truth. Also, I will be debating partial preterist pastor, Bruce Bennett, regarding ‘The Second Coming of Jesus Christ’.  2014 is bound to be a year packed with POWER!!


   I have so much more to share regarding prayerful thoughts, goals, ideas, and so forth regarding 2014, but to produce a blog not a book, I will cut this short and leave you with the exhortation to keep an eye out for a blog detailing those things…

  If you have questions, concerns, or comments please email me at 

        Blessings in Christ,

           Pastor Michael Miano

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