TJ Smith’s, Kingdom Come (Review of Wed. Night Study)

We recently did a few weeks study through TJ Smith’s book, Kingdom Come, in our Wednesday night Bible study at The Blue Point Bible Church. I had previously written a review for TJ’s book (the link to that review will be posted below). However, the goal of this short blog is to highlight some points we that were marked out in our studies sessions, a sort of outline for the book.

Here is the link to my previous review,

  • Many of us marked out some issues we had with TJ’s comments about parables, and found ourselves disagreeing a bit (pg. 18-20). Also, at some parts some readings had a hard time discerning whether or not TJ trusts the Bible (pgs. 70-86). This allowed for great conversation around our study table.


  • TJ Smith explained early on in the book that his goal was to highlight the “progressive revelation” of the parables, in contrast to a “deferred hope” (pg. 13).


  • We had a great discussion about “demonology” and the influence of Hellenism due to details TJ shares on pgs. 67-69. I will be soon providing an audio clip detailing some of that discussion and more at


  • TJ created a “flannel board” for us to keep record of the parables and how they highlight “How to Build A Kingdom”. It looked something like this:
    – Bind the strong man (Chapter Two – Mark 3:20-29)
    – Formulate the message/ Build the Team (Chapter Three – Mark 4:2-20)
    – Product knowledge (Chapter Four – Mark 4:21-25)
    – Eliminate the competition (Chapter Five – Mark 4:26-29 cf. Joel :13-14)
    – Word of Mouth/ Best advertisement (Chapter Six – Mark 4:30-32)
    – Drain the swamp/ New distribution (Chapter Eight – Mark 12:1-12)
    – Trust the leadership
  • Nearing the end of the book, TJ makes some rather poignant statements that I would like to mark out here and challenge YOU further to read his book (again), go through the aforementioned parables, and be effective and fruitful in the fulfilled eschaton, worshipping the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.


“In the Hebrew mindset, the “harvest” was not always the glorious ‘golden – sunrise, wind-blown’ event Western Christians have viewed through rose colored glasses. When the Hebrews spoke of ‘harvest’, they typically understood it as judgement.”


“Believers need to be studying Scripture, learning of the customs and traditions of the ancient Hebrews. Studying idioms of the Jews. We need to learn how-to interpret the Bible and that can only happen when we understand ancient Jewish culture, customs, language, and times in which Jesus lived”.


“Yeshua accomplished everything He said He would; we rule and reign with Christ as ambassadors on earth; God dwells with us; He is our God and we are His people; He is the Tree of Life and we are the ‘leaves’ used for the healing of the nations. His righteousness dwells on earth, through us, since we are now the righteousness of God exhibited through love and grace”.


Get your hands on a copy and be blessed by all of this and more, not to mention starting on page 132, TJ Smith highlights and offers wisdom regarding our being in the Kingdom, Christ being our King, and our application of such a reality. Glory to God.

Be blessed and edified, and Worship Him,
Pastor Michael Miano
The Blue Point Bible Church


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